Inverter circuit board May 10, 2021

The inverter circuit corresponds to the rectifier circuit (Rectifier), and turning DC power into AC power is called inverter. When the AC side is connected to the grid, that is, when the AC side is connected to a power source, it is called active inverter; when the AC side is directly connected to the load, it is called passive inverter.

The application of inverter circuit is very extensive. Among the existing power sources, storage batteries, dry batteries, and solar cells are all DC power sources. When these power sources are needed to supply power to AC loads, an inverter circuit is needed. In addition, power electronic devices such as frequency converters, uninterruptible power supplies, and induction heating power supplies for AC motor speed control are widely used, and the core part of the circuit is an inverter circuit. Its basic function is to convert the DC power output from the intermediate DC circuit into an AC power with adjustable frequency and voltage under the control of the control circuit.

A conversion circuit that converts DC power into AC power. It can be used to form various AC power sources and is widely used in industry. The most common AC power source in production is the public power grid powered by power plants (China uses a power supply system with a line voltage root mean square value of 380V and a frequency of 50Hz). Power supply from the public grid to AC loads is the most common way of power supply. However, with the development of production, a considerable number of electrical equipment has special requirements for power quality and parameters, making it difficult to directly supply power from the public grid. In order to meet these requirements, there have been motor-generator sets and ion device inverter circuits in history. However, because their technical and economic indicators are not as good as inverter circuits composed of power electronic devices (such as thyristors, etc.), they have been or are being replaced by the latter.

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