What is an inverter? May 10, 2021

Generally speaking, inverter refers to the conversion of DC voltage to AC voltage. The inverter, which is generally called now, basically converts the battery voltage into a power frequency 220V voltage and supplies power to household appliances. Such inverters are divided into high frequency and low frequency. The low frequency uses a core transformer. The front stage is generally a high-power push-pull circuit. The driving frequency is the same as the power frequency, so the efficiency is not high. If the driving waveform is not a sine wave, The spike voltage is high.

High frequency is basically the mainstream now. Take 12V input voltage and output 220V voltage as an example. The first is the high frequency drive circuit. Generally, chips such as TL494 or SG3525 are used, and push-pull switching circuits are generally used. The drive frequency is generally 100K or more. High, driving the FET. Of course, the transformer is also high-frequency. After the input voltage passes through the switching circuit, a high voltage is induced in the transformer secondary. This voltage is rectified, filtered, and feedback stabilized to obtain a DC voltage of about 280-300V. Pay attention to this voltage It is regulated, this is the front stage of the inverter.

The latter stage generally uses a dedicated switching circuit to drive a full-bridge switch composed of four FETs. This switching circuit is driven by a sine wave drive circuit with the same frequency as the mains voltage. Other drive circuits cannot achieve the mains effect. , This drive circuit must be used. This is the second stage. The principle is complicated. It may be driven by a single-chip microcomputer, and it can be done by a master with pure hardware.

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